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From: Carol J Mehlman

Welcome to our place.  We have been in business for many years.  

We were once called "Rhinestone & Relics', then later,
'CJ's Rhinestone Jewelry' back in 1999
Unforseeable circumstances put us off the internet. 

We are now live once again, since 2011,  offering Costume and Feather Jewelry
as well as a lot of Internet Marketing programs.

We have bought thousands of dollars of software over the years 
and constantly do research on pretty much every thing out there.

We strive to look for interesting programs on self help topics 
as well as 'let's make some money' programs. 

So, we changed our style and the availability of different things to offer you.

We hope you enjoy your visit here and bookmark us
so you can check in to see what's new!  

We always welcome suggestive emails on what you would like to see 
or perhaps something you never see any information on..  

We will always answer your emails as soon as possible.

Thanks for coming by,

Treasure Chest Connections Team 




It's In The List

Free Monthly Websites

You might want to bookmark this website for future notices.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit here and that you will come back to see 

what's going on next or just to revisit what you didn't have time for.

 I am going to be around for many years to come and I am truly

anxious to help people to be a success and make a living online!

Owner: Carol J Mehlman 

To Your Success In Life & Adventure,

My WebSites:
Treasure Chest Connections
My Blog- "It's In The List"
For The Cincinnati Area

My Books:

Waving At The Future

Krazy Looking Paper Dolls

Especially for Mr. Bunnie

Childrens Coloring And Activity Book

I Wrote & Illustrated a Children's Book:  
(Click on book to go check it out!)

Especially For Mr. Bunnie

P.S: If you would like to join my newsletter, fill out your
first name and best email below. 
(you would recieve broadcasts about special offers 
bonuses and freebies)  

You can opt out at any time!

P.S.S: I am the graphics artist for all of my sites.
You may not use them unless I have granted you
persmission to do so.  If at any time you have an interest
in doing a Joint Venture with me, then I 
would love to hear from you.

I have belonged with Paradox Cash for 2 years now, come check out this place.. 

it's TOO Much for so little $$$!




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